Life at the Edges, Science Gallery, Dublin 2018

Red Dot Design Museum, Singapore 2017 - 2018

Shenzhen Design Week, Shenzhen Exhibition Center, China 2017

40x40 - Budapest Projekt Galéria, Budapest, Hungary 2017

Museum of Outstanding Design, Como, Italy 2017

Global Irish Design Challenge - National Craft Gallery, Ireland 2017

Global Irish Design Challenge - Dublin Castle, Ireland 2016


Moses Rowen is a freelance designer specialising in innovation design. With diverse industry experience and degrees in both industrial design and mechanical engineering, he operates a design consultancy from his Dublin workshop. Moses believes good design can change peoples lives for the better by utilising a multidisciplinary approach to solve complex problems.

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Creative Conscience Award, Product and Structural Design 2018

Red Dot Award for Life Sciences 2017

Red Dot Award for Green (Environmental) Design 2017

Winner of the Innocentive Multi-use Aseptic Connector Design Challenge 2017

Nominated for "Designer of the Year 2017" by the International Association of Designers

Nominated for "Emerging Designer of the Year 2017" by Image

Platinum A' Design Award for Engineering and Technical Design 2017

Silver A' Design Award for Social Design 2017

Bronze A' Design Award for Arts, Crafts and Ready-Make 2017

Winner + Exhibitor - Global Irish Design Challenge 2016

Winner of NASA Bio-Inspired Advanced Exercise Concepts Challenge 2016

Winner of the V&A Open Collaborative Making event for London Design Week

Winner of the Trinity Science Gallery Strange Weather Hackathon

Winner of Remake Chair Competition

Shortlisted for LG Display OLED Design Competition

Shortlisted for the Oakley Disruptive by Design Competition

Shortlisted for the James Dyson Award